Service Number
1/4th Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment

Attested 6 October 1914 4th Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment at Central Recruiting Office City Hall Hull – Medal Index Card British War Medal and Victory Medal for 1/4th Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment – Killed casualty list 26 October 1916 Hull Daily Mail – Commemorated East Yorkshire Regiment War Memorial Beverley Minster East Yorkshire – Commemorated Holy Trinity Hull Golden Book of Remembrance
15 September 1916
6.00am Bombardment commenced.
6.03am The first Tank crossed our line and proceeded northwards towards enemy lines.
6.15am Enemy put up Red Star rockets. Tanks reached the hilltop.
6.20am Infantry crept up and advanced from our assembly trenches. The Battalion was formed up in four lines of 3 platoons in each line, one from each of three Coys B, C, and D right to left, A Coy in support at SWANSEA Trench. Battalion HQ close by in rear of ‘S’ trench.
6.32am Enemy Barrage our front line.
6.42am Verbal report that front line was taken.
6.44am B, C and D Coys reported first objective taken. Casualties slight.
7.08am B Coy report have taken first objective but am rather too much to my left. The troops on my right have gone on and taken some of my men with them. I think the trench was fairly to the left.
7.26am Sent Small Arms Ammunition and rations forward.
7.58am B and D Coys reported second objective reached and taken with very few casualties.
8.50am Heavy Machine Gun fire reported from MARTINPUICH.
12noon OC 7th Northumberland Fusiliers (on our right) rang up to report that they were 150yds short of their second objective the left flank (BOW trench) M.33b.4.7.
1.30pm OC C Coy reports by orderly that he holds 2nd objective not 3rd. Orderly reports Germans in large numbers in trench ahead (probably STARFISH line). OC C Coy reports that owing to the right flank being exposed (the next Battalion not having reached their objective) it was impossible for him to advance further until they caught up and established connection.
4.48pm Message from 150th Infantry Brigade Artillery will bombard front M.33b.5.6. to M.34a.5.6. Including junction at crescent.
4.50pm Our right flank again reported ‘in the air’ 15th Division patrols reported to have advanced 300 to 400 yards through MARTINPUICH. C Company patrols advanced 300 yards but could see nothing of the enemy.
5.35pm CO asked brigade whether or not to seize Starfish Line.
7.05pm Operation Order 3 received

How Died
Killed in Action
VII. J. 16. WARLENCOURT BRITISH Cemetery Route nationale, 62450 Warlencourt-Eaucourt, France
Next of Kin
Son of Reuben and Kate Palmer, of 14, Thoresby Street, Hull.
Date Died
15 September 1916