Lieutenant Colonel
James Hugh
Distinguished Service Order MID
1st Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment

1st Battalion reported wounded 20 October 1914 – East Yorkshire Regiment To be Captain 30 October 1914 – East Yorkshire Regiment Attached to Headquarters unit as Staff Captain 2 September 1916 – Commanding 1st Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment – War Dairy has him Killed in Action on the 25 April 1918 – 25 April 1918 It was in one of these rushes that Major (Lieut. Colonel 23 April 1918) Coles was shot through the head, and died instantly, with Corpl Banks at his side Lt Keech was some twenty yards away, and he rushed to the hole in which the CO was lying, but nothing could be done. Major Coles died without pain, in a shell hole, near Hollanscheachuur Farm, some 500 yards west of the Battalion Headquarters, from which we had withdrawn in view of the situation, his body could not be moved, and it was with heartfelt sorrow and regret that Corpl Banks and Lt Keech left their beloved C O behind.
– Mention in Despatches 1st Battalion Sir D Haigs Despatches 8 November 1918

How Died
Killed in Action
Date Died
24 April 1918
Panel 47 to 48 and 163A. TYNE COT Memorial
Died At
near Hollanscheachuur Farm